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Battery Powered Bikes in a Technological Era

Image of Battery Powered Bikes.

There is nothing unusual about the fact that technology has made its way through the bicycle industry, too. After assisting the invention of automatic gear bicycles, assist systems for pedaling, wireless braking systems, we have now come to assist the invention of electric bikes, also known as battery powered bikes.

A battery powered bike is a type of bike having an electric motor which powers it or assists the pedaling. Usually, such bikes cost somewhere around five hundred and three thousand dollars, they work on rechargeable batteries and have become more and more appreciated by those who enjoy riding bikes, ever since 1998. The maximum speed limit for these bikes is 32 km/h.

Many countries consider that battery powered bikes are not motor vehicles, therefore they shouldn’t work by the same laws as motor vehicles do. They are actually bicycles with motors, being subject to specific laws. In order to emphasize the idea of there being more and more amateurs of motorized bicycles, statistics have shown that today there are over one hundred twenty million such bikes in China, for instance and that there will be about three hundred thousand among Europeans.

There are more kinds of electric bikes, all differing in terms of complexity and price, depending on the technology they use. An assist system can be attached to any sort of pedal cycle which uses friction drives, chain drives or hub motors. Electric batteries work on rechargeable batteries, some of the batter systems available today being Li-ion batteries, lead-acid, NiMH or NiCd batteries. Battery powered bikes may start functioning once the motor is activated by a pedelec or a throttle situated on the handlebar, this process also being known as electric assist, the pedaling regulating the motor. The pedals have sensors which detect the force and the speed.

Just like with any other thing, a battery powered bike has its advantages and disadvantages. The most significant advantage of these bicycles is that the one riding such a bike doesn’t have to make such a great effort anymore, regardless of the distance they travel. When it comes to costs, these are much lower than with cars or motorcycles and are practically reduced to recharging the storage battery. Also, they are more environment-friendly.

However, a battery powered bike weighs more, more specifically, it weighs about 24 kilos and if it has a conversion kit, it weighs another nine kilos. These numbers make electric bicycles more difficult to transport on the stairs or by car. As far as the price for sale is concerned, such an electric bike costs around 1400 euros.

There are different opinions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of battery powered bikes, as some consider that less effort when riding isn’t good for them. Therefore, it is up to each bike rider to decide if he or she prefers to put money into an ordinary bicycle or to put it into an electric bike.